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Train Unloading Systems are a highly strategic part of any materials handling facility and full system redundancy can come at a high cost if not carefully considered from the conceptual planning stages. Precise planning, the choice of high-quality equipment, design and engineering know-how, together with strategic spare parts planning, is vital in maximising performance, availability and reliability.

Replacing, upgrading and repairing any aspect of a Train Unloading System, particularly Wagon Tipplers, can be extremely expensive both for indirect and consequential costs, particularly if insufficient system redundancy and availability have not been foreseen and built-in from the outset of a project. Incorrectly specified equipment can be more difficult to rectify for Train Unloading Systems than any other type of bulk materials handling equipment.
The capital cost of achieving a well-planned system can be minimised and mitigated by establishing client requirements at the earliest point in project planning. To this end, Ashton Bulk provide consultancy services and a range of modularised designs.


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Based on our knowledge of Train Unloading Systems for worldwide rail networks and the notoriously bespoke nature of this type of equipment, Ashton Bulk have achieved a range and level of design standardisation of Tipplers and associated equipment unsurpassed by any other supplier. Trade marked as Modu-Tip®, we have the ability to provide direct "off-the-shelf" designs to meet project requirements with a minimal degree of bespoke engineering. This approach reduces up front engineering time to meet client's requirements and stringent project schedules. This applies to all types of Train Unloading Systems. Refer to the links below for our full range of unloading system equipment. All products shown are fully engineered solutions.

Side Unloading Tippler System
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  • Light to medium duty/capacity.

  • Wagons generally up to 80 tonnes, 130 tonnes maximum.

  • Tippler rotates and lifts wagons about central pivot to unload material at or around ground level.

  • Lightweight and cost effective Train Moving and Train Holding Devices.

  • Semi-automatic process.

  • Systems unloading rate of 25 wagons per hour.

  • Wagon traverser system can be incorporated.

  • Shallow and cost effective civil works compared to rotary tipplers.

Single & tandem Crescent Rotary Tippler Systems
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Single & Tandem Crescent Rotary
 Tippler Systems

  • Medium to heavy duty/capacity.

  • Tippler supported on heavy duty rollers with minimum operating time of 30 seconds.

  • Tippler rotates wagon about its own centre of gravity with no lifting required for lower power requirements.

  • Systems incorporate single or dual Train Moving Devices.

  • Semi-automatic process.

  • Single wagon tippler is capable of 37 wagons per hour (approx.)

  • Tandem wagon tippler is capable of 56 wagons per hour(approx).

  • Wagon traverser system can be incorporated.

  • Civil work deeper than Side Unloading system.

Multi-Wagon 'O'-Ring unit Train Rotary Tippler Systems
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Multi-Wagon 'O'Ring Unit Train Rotary Tippler Systems

  • Primarily heavy duty/capacity.

  • Single, tandem, triple or quadruple (double tandem) wagon unloading.

  • Tippler supported on heavy duty rollers with minimum operating time under 30 seconds.

  • In excess of 100 wagons per hour unloading rates - equates to <10,000 tonnes per hour based on wagon capacity <100 tonnes.

  • Single high capcity Train Moving Device (Positioner).

  • Multiple entry and exit side Train Holding Devices.

  • Fully automatic process.

  • Maximised Tippler service life using Modu-Link type Tippler Cage design.

Side Unloading (Rotaside) Tippler Systems​

Ashton Bulk Range of Wagon Tipplers

Images Representative of the Complete AB Portfolio

All Designs Modular for Adaption to Client Precise Specifications

Ashton Bulk Range of Train Holding Devices

Wheel Grippers / Wheel Chocks / Train Locks

All Designs Modular for Adaption to Client Precise Specifications

Ashton Bulk Range of Train Moving Devices

Positioners / Indexer / Side Arm Chargers

All Designs Modular for Adaption to Client Precise Specifications

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