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Stockyards require precise planning to ensure the optimum use of machines and associated conveyor systems. No two yards are the same due to material storage requirements and topological restrictions. Careful consideration at the conceptual planning stages is essential to minimise the necessary number of stockyard machines, conveyors, transfer points and associated equipment. 

Incorporating 'off the shelf' of 'modularised' designs can significantly reduce the capital cost and timescales of building a new plant. Experience shows that stockyard layouts are finalised before

the availability of existing design machines, the costliest components of any project, have been explored or considered, thus committing plant owners to the significant cost of bespoke design equipment.

The capital cost of achieving a well-planned system can be minimised and mitigated by establishing client requirements at the earliest point in project planning. To this end, Ashton Bulk provide consultancy services and a range of available and modularised designs.

Equipment Range

Based on our knowledge of Stockyard equipment installed worldwide, Ashton Bulk has developed a range of machines that can be installed with minimal modifications to suit plant requirements. This includes:

  • Stacker Reclaimers

  • Slewing/Luffing Boom Stackers

  • Bucket Wheel Reclaimers

  • Barrel Reclaimers

  • Wheel on Bridge Reclaimers

  • Ducking Tripper Systems

Stackers, Reclaimers
Stacker Reclaimers


Boom Lengths of up to 60 Meters

Stacker & Reclaim Throughputs up to 10,000 Tonnes per Hour

Belt Width up to 2.4 Meters

Full Four Quadrant Operation

Reversing & Ducking Trippers

Bucket Wheel Diameters up to 10 Meters

Projectory & Live Roller Slew Bearings up to 9 Meters Diameter

Rocker Type Machines

Up to 45 Meter Boom

5,000 Tonnes per Hour

J Type Machines

Up to 60 Meter Boom

10,000 Tonnes per Hour

C Type Machines

Up to 60 Meter Boom

10,000 Tonnes per Hour

Barrel & Wheel
Bridge Reclaimers


Track Centres of up to 45 Meters

Reclaim Capacity up to 2500 Tonnes per Hour

Cutting Diameters up to 5.5 Meters

Reversing Operation

Transfer Wagons

Stress Analysis

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