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Design Eng

All design solutions, whether new or retrofit, are entirely solid modelled using Autodesk Inventor and through seamless transition to stress analysis undertaken using ANSYS stress analysis software. All computer calculative output is confirmed using secondary methods including thorough hand calculations and approved by experienced and qualified engineers.

Integration with other software systems as required.


  • Design & design calculations

  • 3D solid modelling

  • Finite element stress analysis

  • Machine optimisation & balancing

  • Train behaviour & hauling load programming/simulation

  • All designs to international structural & mechanical standards

  • Equipment/procurement specifications

  • Hydraulic systems​


  • Design & design calculations

  • Single line diagrams, circuit/schematic diagrams

  • Block cable diagrams, cable schedules & routing diagrams

  • Control system design documents

  • PLC application software

  • SCADA application software

  • System simulation testing


Our Approach

Modular Design

The sectors in which Ashton Bulk operate are especially varied in terms of practical conditions, engineering stipulations and client requirements for ever-increasing performance. To suit these requirements, bespoke solutions are our speciality. Our approach is modularisation to ensure efficiency, minimisation of cost and project schedules. This has been a particular achievement in the Train Unloading Sector.

Product Assurance

In addition to the assurance clients can expect from our in-house design and engineering, Ashton Bulk designs have been successfully independently audited by international design consultancies such as World Crane Services and BMT Group (Australia). Similarly, Ashton Bulk can offer auditing services for the designs of other suppliers mechanical handling and structural equipment manufacturers, new or old.

Quality, Performance & Duty

All equipment is designed to recognised international standards and codes of practice. Our philosophy is one of designing all equipment robustly using conservative factors of duty and safety based on feedback from machines in service over several decades. Precisely matched power requirements ensure all Ashton Bulk machines perform mechanically, electrically and hydraulically for round the clock duty with the minimum of intervention and routine maintenance. These principles, employed by our engineers over several many years, are under constant development and have ensured the performance of equipment installed worldwide in the highest capacity plants.

Availability | Reliability | Capacity | Longevity

Clients are assured of high performance, minimal downtime, achieving their required capacity and prolonged life expectancy by employing our:

  • Expertise & Know-How

  • Modern Engineering Analysis

  • Careful Consideration to Maintainability and Interchangeability

  • Advanced Drive, Control & Actuation Systems

  • High Levels of Built-In Redundancy

  • Exacting Adherence to Proven Design Standards

Clients can be confident of securing expert services and products based on these factors at viable prices and in the shortest feasible timescales.

The stages of a Rota-Side Wagon Tippler unloading
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