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Repairs & Refurb

Ashton Bulk engineers use highly skilled and experienced welding and fitting technicians to effect fully engineered repairs onsite, to ensure minimal downtime and maximum production.


Our engineering technicians will produce all the engineering information for structural repairs, craneage requirements, temporary support steel work, manufacturing drawings for new components, method statements and risk assessments.

  • Refurbishment of pin joints to original specification

  • Precision and live slewing ring replacement

  • Fully engineered structural repairs to damaged and cracked structures

  • Replacement of electric bucket wheel drives with modern hydraulic technology including machine structural assessment and rebalancing

  • Upgrade of old contactor style electrical systems to new PLC controlled systems

  • Hydraulic system upgrade or replacement

  • Wheel replacement

  • A range of similar retro fit services




Structural repairs are often required due to corrosive effects, a collision or other types of accidents. Ashton Bulk engineers will inspect the condition of machines affected in this manner, assess structural and mechanical implications on service and safety and advise on the best course of action and produce a fully engineered repair plan that can be put into action by our team of skilled technicians.


Machine Modifications

Plant upgrades and increases in equipment efficiency are an area where Ashton Bulk can advise on how this can be achieved whether it includes an increase in machine size, increases in conveyor speeds or general component improvements.

Electrical Drive &
Control System Upgrades 

The electrical and control system components of older machines suffer from a high degree of obsolescence, particularly after ten years of service. Full or partial electrical and control system upgrades can extend the life of a plant and potentially increase efficiency. The use of modern electrical systems can also be designed to lessen the dynamic loads on large structural equipment which is often a factor when assessing the overall life expectancy and safe operation of structural equipment.

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